KA is six months old. Her name means “God is good to me”. And God has been good to her. Born in Kajang prison, KA and her mother were released 3 weeks after with the help of UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees). She slept in her mother’s arms for most of the interview, waking up only to suckle for a few minutes before falling back blissfully into sleep.

Her older sister is 4 years old, but KA “looks more like me. Her sister looks more like her father”. “She is very quiet. She is the most quiet of my children. She never cries, and she can play quietly by herself. She is also faster than my other children. At 5 months old, she is already sitting. Now she can stand!”

As I was taking pictures, I looked through the lens at her big, round, innocent eyes, and hope that God will continue to be good to her.

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