“I didn’t want to come to Malaysia. I wanted to stay with my parents and go to school”.

Mai Mai (not her real name) is just 15 years old. She arrived in Malaysia less than 10 days ago. When I asked her why she came to Malaysia, she said “problems with soldiers”. A few minutes later, after asking about her journey to Malaysia, I asked again, about what the problems with the soldiers were. All she said was “It’s too much to explain. I don’t know how…” and left it at that. Eventually, the story emerged.

“My parents are farmers. They plant rice. Every day, me and my bigger sister walk to our parent’s farm to bring them food. One day 3 soldiers stopped us. Two soldiers took my sister away. They came back after about an hour. She was crying. They told us not to tell anyone or else they would harm us. We went to our parents. We were both crying. They kept asking us what happened”. (more…)