(please read the story of Mi Kun Thow – his wife – to have some background on what happened that fateful night)

They held my arms behind my back like this when they were raping my wife.” Nai Roy Mon (not his real name) showed us.

I was so angry. I struggled and managed to free my left arm so I punched the guy on my right. One of them hit my leg so I fell down. I was struggling. I looked at my wife and she was looking at me. I shouted at her – Why are you looking at me? Run away! She ran. The gangsters, looking at my wife running away naked, laughed loudly, like it was something funny.

They then tied me up and put me on a motorcycle. It was a very long journey. After that they put me in a hut for about 15 minutes, and then they put me in the boot of a car and it was an even longer journey. We crossed a river using a small boat and I knew we were crossing from Malaysia into Thailand because I heard the boatman speak Thai. They took me to a large double storey house in a rubber plantation. They were about 40 people there, different ethnicities from Myanmar. They asked us(more…)



Mi Kun Thow (not her real name) is an asylum seeker from the Mon State in Myanmar. She is 40, although you might mistake her for someone quite a few years younger, given her small build and smooth skin. She told me the exact date that she had “trouble with gangsters” in Malaysia. It was the 5th of June, 2006. Back then, she was working with her husband – together they took care of a small chicken farm on the outskirts of one of the bigger towns in Malaysia. They lived in a small wooden house in the farm.

That day, at around midnight, 4 men came on motorcycles and banged on their door, shouting that they were the police and demanding to be let in. When Mi Kun and her husband did not open the door, the 4 men broke it down. With two of them holding her husband down, they ransacked the place, taking all of their savings and a handphone. The two not holding her husband then proceeded to tear of Mi Kun’s clothes and took turns raping her.

“After about an hour, my husband managed to break free and started to fight back, so the two men raping me went to my husband. They left me, so I ran into the forest and hid under a palm oil tree all night.” At this point Mi Kun voice broke and tears welled in her eyes. (more…)